Sponsor a cat, make a donation or buy a catnip mouse

Here at Katz Castle we realise that not everybody has room for another cat but would still like to help the many hundreds that pass through our doors each year.


You can sponsor one of our unwanted cats from as little as £10.00 a year and you will receive regular updates on how all our long stayers are doing.

Our Sponsor a cat scheme is run by Dee and she can be contacted either by phone on 01252 691944 or via email moc.d1550808874lrowl1550808874tn@no1550808874ttim.1550808874eed.l1550808874ihp1550808874

Alternatively, you can make a donation. We rely heavily on the generosity of our supporters to help us meet our ever increasing costs such as food and vets bills (although our vets are very kind to us).

If you would like to make a donation please make your cheque payable to Animal Shelter and send it to: Dee Mitton C/O Katz Castle Animal Shelter, Redhill Rd, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 1EF.  If you would prefer to make a regular donation a standing order form can be downloaded here and also sent to Dee. 

If you fill out a Gift Aid form you will be giving us nearly a third more, as we can claim the tax back. Download the form here.

This is how your donation helps:

  • £5.00 will ensure that a cat is fed, kept snug and warm and cared for – for one day
  • £10.00 will ensure that a cat is fed, kept snug and warm and cared for – for two days
  • £15.00 will pay for a cat to be micro-chipped. This means that if the cat gets lost it can be identified when found
  • £20.00 will sponsor one of our beautiful cats for a month
  • £25.00 will pay for the castration of a tom – very necessary when there are so many unwanted cats
  • £30.00 will pay for a cat to be vaccinated and prevent them getting ill
  • £35.00 will pay for the spaying of a queen – important as we have  many kittens and not enough homes for them
  • £40.00 will pay for a blood test. This is often needed when a cat comes to us ill and with an unknown past
  • £50.00 will pay towards a dental treatment – yes it’s expensive for cats too

Alternatively you can make a donation using our Amazon Wish List.

We also have our very popular knitted cat nip mice. They are very sturdy, and stuffed full of cat nip from Barbados. No cat should be without one! They can be purchased in person at the shelter, or by post at a cost of £4.50 each which includes p&p. Cheques made payable to ‘Animal Shelter’ please and don’t forget to enclose your name and address.