Sad news about two of our resident cats

This has been an extremely sad week for everyone at Katz Castle, because we lost not one but two of our favourite residents, Shandy and Rufus.


Shandy was a lovely, huge, gorgeous ball of orange, aged about 10. Over the last couple of years he had overcome all kind of problems, including with his teeth and ears, but he soldiered on and slowly changed from being quite angry and unapproachable to a really mellow and loving ginger boy. He was always there at the gate to greet Carol every morning. Sadly it appears Shandy suffered a stroke some time on Saturday and Carol found him weak and distressed under one of the outbuildings. She took him home and was able to make him happy and comfortable for his final few hours and he slipped away in the early hours of Sunday. RIP Shandy ❤️


Rufus was a gorgeous and fluffy ginger and white boy who looked like an angel but had the devil’s temper! He had a serious attitude problem and was quick to attack anyone who dared approach him — unless they had food. Despite his temper he will be sorely missed as he was such a character. He sometimes made life miserable for some of the other residents but was always forgiven. Rufus appears to have been hit by a car and made it back to home but died shortly afterwards and Carol found him on Saturday. RIP Rufus ❤️