Responsible Cat Ownership


If not spayed, a female cat can produce up to six kittens three times a year. That’s a lot of mouths to feed and is very stressful for your cat. Cats can come into season again shortly after giving birth, which can be exhausting for them and will attract the attentions of amorous tomcats. Pregnancy and birth carry risks, including mammary tumours and infections of the womb (Pyrometra), both of which can be fatal.

Neutering male cats will reduce the chance of them catching Feline FIV, an incurable disease which can be spread by bites, and to females by mating. Feline Leukaemia can also be contracted by unneutered males, who are more likely to fight and roam, sustaining nasty wounds.

All our cats are all neutered/spayed before we home them, and we actively encourage responsible pet ownership to prevent more unwanted cats having to seek a good home!

Micro-chipping is also essential, as are regular vaccinations and health checks which include monthly flea treatments and regular worming.

Cats are also susceptible to diseases which can be life threatening if they are not vaccinated, flea treated and wormed on a regular basis.

Running Costs

Before you adopt or buy a pet please consider the following carefully:

  • Can you afford vet fees? 
  • Insurance?
  • Yearly vaccinations?
  • Monthly flea treatments?
  • Along with the food and cat litter, toys etc which your cat or kitten will need?
  • If you want to go on holiday you will need to pay for boarding.

All these things can add up and be very costly so please think first before you add a cat to your family that you may not be able to afford to care for long term.

If you want to adopt a cat but cannot afford the fees for neutering/spaying, there are organisations who will help with this. Ask us, or Google, for more information.