Please microchip your cat

Microchipping is always a great thing to do – just in case your cat goes missing or gets lost. You have a much better chance of being reunited with your cat if it is, as vets and shelters will always scan any found cats to see if they have an owner. Even if your cat never goes outside, still get it chipped just in case it manages to escape or gets let out by mistake.

Your cat can be microchipped very easily by a vet and its definitely worth the cost.

Many times we have people ringing the shelter to report that their cat has gone missing and very often they have not been microchipped. Cats have been found and reunited with owners many weeks or months after going missing, solely as a result of it having a microchip.  And please remember – if you move house, contact the microchip company immediately to give them your new address and telephone number.