Katz Castle is a registered charity (no. 1002198) and as such we rely heavily on donations from supporting cat lovers and public.

If you would like to support us and our furry friends, there are two excellent ways you can donate.

Amazon Wishlist

Buy food for our cats directly from our Amazon wishlist, and it will be sent straight to us!

If there is nothing on the list, we need to top it up — please let us know!


Please fill out this Gift Aid Declaration Form if you are a UK tax payer, so we can claim back the tax on your donation.

Make cheques payable to “Animal Shelter” and send to the address on our Contact page.

This is how your donation helps:

  • £5 will ensure that a cat is fed, kept snug and warm and cared for – for one day
  • £10 will ensure that a cat is fed, kept snug and warm and cared for – for two days
  • £15 will pay for a cat to be micro-chipped. This means that if the cat gets lost it can be identified when found
  • £20 will sponsor one of our beautiful cats for a month
  • £25 will pay for the castration of a tom – very necessary when there are so many unwanted cats
  • £30 will pay for a cat to be vaccinated and prevent them getting ill
  • £35 will pay for the spaying of a queen – important as we have many kittens and not enough homes for them
  • £40 will pay for a blood test. This is often needed when a cat comes to us ill and with an unknown past
  • £50 will pay towards a dental treatment – yes it’s expensive for cats too