Sam is recovering

Poor old Sam, one of the long term residents who has free rein of the cattery during the summer months, developed a serious eye problem, maybe due to a fight, and evaded all attempts at capture for several days. When he was finally taken to the vets they were unable to save his eye. Now several weeks on he is recovering really well and starting to feel himself again.

Christmas Opening Hours

The shelter will be closed to the public from the 23rd of December to the 4th of January.

Many thanks to Catherine Allaway and all the kind people who are still sending in donations, we are so grateful to all of you!

Merry Christmas to you all from the cats and staff 🙂


Thank You!

We are of course a charity and depend heavily on the generosity of fellow cat lovers. Many people have helped us recently, here are just a few thank-yous.

Many thanks to Spectrum Brands (IAMS) of West Byfleet for their very generous donation of cat food, for which we are extremely grateful.

Also thanks to everyone who has donated food, money and gifts so far this year — too many to mention individually.

And finally thank you to Mary who knitted our wonderful Catnip Mice again this year!



Avoid these plastic collars

These plastic collars are not safe and are extremely uncomfortable for a cat to have to wear. One of our new cats had to have one of these awful collars cut off as it was far too tight for her. They are being sold as “flea collars” and they are quite toxic especially to young children.

We do not recommend any collars as they can cause injury or even death from strangulation. If you have to put a collar on your cat please only use the “quick release” type.

Plastic collars

Please – if you have an elderly cat – keep them safe.

We have had a numbers of elderly cats brought into the shelter in recent months as they appeared to be a stray or lost, when actually they had a home not far away.

If you have an elderly cat, please do not let them outside unsupervised as they can wander off and get confused and lost. They are also extremely vulnerable. 

Let them have a potter in the garden if you are out there with them, but then take them back inside with you.

You want your cat to be happy and enjoy however much longer they have to live, without worrying about what has happened to them when he or she doesn’t come home for tea.

Enjoying the sun

Here is William  – one of the permanent residents at Katz Castle (and one of the ginger feline gang!) making the most of the recent warm sunshine. William arrived as a kitten from Ireland years ago with his siblings who didn’t get adopted as they were so nervous, but he has lived very happily at the shelter ever since. William is getting on a bit now and is into double figures. His health isn’t what it was and he also needs drops in his eyes every day – but William is a friendly happy boy who is very loved by everyone at Katz Castle.   


Lilies can kill cats!

If you own a cat – please do not have Lilies in your house or garden.

Any part of a lily – flowers, leaves, stem or pollen – is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TO CATS and can cause kidney damage and even death. Just your cat brushing past a flower and licking the pollen off their coat or chewing a Lily leaf or petal could be fatal.

A cat must be taken to the vet IMMEDIATELY if exposure to lilies is suspected.

Further information on the serious danger Lilies pose to cats can be found here …

You can also check that the other plants you have in your home and garden are not toxic to cats here…