Update from Val and Sheppie

We were delighted to receive this update from Val who adopted Sheppie in 2012. Thank you Val, and we’re happy Sheppie is so clearly in her element.

Our Happy Story thanks to Katz Castle

The photo is of our puss ‘Sheppie’ named after Shepperton where we lived when we adopted her from Katz Castle back in September 2012.

We had just said goodbye to our much-loved 14½ year old cat who unexpectedly became unwell and had to be put to sleep. Although we were due to move house and knew that we could never replace our old moggy, we decided that we and our home needed another cat. After visiting Katz Castle we chose the pretty White and Tortie cat called Mo-Mo by her previous owners.

When we got her, she was a skinny poorly quite young little puss who had recently had kittens, been spayed, then developed infections. Luckily, she recovered quickly with help from our local vet and Guy at Cobham Park Veterinary Clinic, and after eating for England to build herself back up, she put on weight. At one stage she was eating five sachets of cat food a day supplemented by lots of dry food. Guy the vet was pleased with her progress, though we couldn’t believe just how much she could eat! After a few months she became the picture of health you see in the photo and I’m pleased to say that she now eats a maximum of two sachets a day and is probably a bit more chunky than she should be.

She was very well settled and completely at home with us and our Springer Spaniel from the very beginning. As instructed, we kept her indoors until after we moved in early November 2012. We let her out at our new home in a Devon village a few days after we moved, on a cold rainy November morning before she had any breakfast. She was happy to go out as she’d been getting rather stir- crazy, but to our relief she was back within 10 minutes after a good look around and ready for her food. We are all now settled in our home that is in a quiet cul de sac with a very large garden surrounded by fields, so she is in her element.

We are so grateful to Katz Castle for taking her when her previous owners no longer wished to keep her. She was very well looked after by Katz Castle who gave us plenty of time to decide which cat to adopt. For a short while after adopting her I was a volunteer once a week until we moved, helping the staff and other volunteers. They were all so kind and interested in how Sheppie was getting on and I had to provide a weekly update for them all. After moving I missed the friendship of the volunteers and can only say a big ‘Thank You’ to Ann and her team from Sheppie and us for providing the haven for the many cats helped each year by Katz Castle.

Val Merritt

Sad news about two of our resident cats

This has been an extremely sad week for everyone at Katz Castle, because we lost not one but two of our favourite residents, Shandy and Rufus.


Shandy was a lovely, huge, gorgeous ball of orange, aged about 10. Over the last couple of years he had overcome all kind of problems, including with his teeth and ears, but he soldiered on and slowly changed from being quite angry and unapproachable to a really mellow and loving ginger boy. He was always there at the gate to greet Carol every morning. Sadly it appears Shandy suffered a stroke some time on Saturday and Carol found him weak and distressed under one of the outbuildings. She took him home and was able to make him happy and comfortable for his final few hours and he slipped away in the early hours of Sunday. RIP Shandy ❤️


Rufus was a gorgeous and fluffy ginger and white boy who looked like an angel but had the devil’s temper! He had a serious attitude problem and was quick to attack anyone who dared approach him — unless they had food. Despite his temper he will be sorely missed as he was such a character. He sometimes made life miserable for some of the other residents but was always forgiven. Rufus appears to have been hit by a car and made it back to home but died shortly afterwards and Carol found him on Saturday. RIP Rufus ❤️

Thank you! for your generous donations

We would like t opass on our sincere thanks for all the food donations from our loyal supporters.

Thanks to Sarah and Susanna for the Gourmet food delivered by Amazon.

And thank you too for the cash and cheque donations which are always much appreciated by us and the cats!

— Ann, Carol, and the team

Sam is recovering

Poor old Sam, one of the long term residents who has free rein of the cattery during the summer months, developed a serious eye problem, maybe due to a fight, and evaded all attempts at capture for several days. When he was finally taken to the vets they were unable to save his eye. Now several weeks on he is recovering really well and starting to feel himself again.

Christmas Opening Hours

The shelter will be closed to the public from the 23rd of December to the 4th of January.

Many thanks to Catherine Allaway and all the kind people who are still sending in donations, we are so grateful to all of you!

Merry Christmas to you all from the cats and staff 🙂


Thank You!

We are of course a charity and depend heavily on the generosity of fellow cat lovers. Many people have helped us recently, here are just a few thank-yous.

Many thanks to Spectrum Brands (IAMS) of West Byfleet for their very generous donation of cat food, for which we are extremely grateful.

Also thanks to everyone who has donated food, money and gifts so far this year — too many to mention individually.

And finally thank you to Mary who knitted our wonderful Catnip Mice again this year!