Humphrey — available

Humphrey was previously being homed with Millie but we feel that they would be perfectly happy apart, and indeed had a tendency to not get on very well, though they arrived at KC together.

He is a very fluffy boy who will need a lot of grooming to ensure he doesn’t get matted, so he will only really suit an experienced owner. He is slightly timid but friendly and will warm up to you quickly enough.

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Toby — available

New arrival Toby is a gorgeous black and white boy, with a very distinctive white patch with black stripe down his nose. He is very friendly and loves a warm lap, but he has a trigger whereby if he is over-petted he will let you know about it with a hiss and a swipe. This is mostly mouth and no trousers but even so he is not a cat for a first-time owner, as it will require some experience to assess his changing moods quickly and react appropriately.

He does NOT like other cats! And will not do well in a home with children.

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Update from Bernie’s new home

We were delighted to receive this update from Bernie’s new family, where Bernie has settled in and made herself right at home! This is a lovely, heartwarming series of photos — thank you very much Paul, Jo & Clara ☺️