India – Chosen!

India is an absolutely gorgeous tortoiseshell and tabby Persian longhair cross. She is about six years old and a semi-indoor cat. She doesn't get on especially well with children and needs to live in a home where there are no other pets. Would suit a retiree or someone who works from home and fancies some quality feline companionship.

[Update] India has now been re-homed. ❤️


Joe – chosen!

Like Felix we believe Joe is between 5-8 years old and was brought in to us when the lady who had rescued him died. He lost an eye some time ago but manages very well and is very talkative. He is fine with other cats and loves attention.



Bella – chosen!

This very friendly and pretty white and black girl is about 8 years old. She was rescued several years ago along with Felix and Joe but sadly the lady who took them has now died so all three were brought in to us. They are due to see our vet for a health check this week.



Avoid these plastic collars

These plastic collars are not safe and are extremely uncomfortable for a cat to have to wear. One of our new cats had to have one of these awful collars cut off as it was far too tight for her. They are being sold as “flea collars” and they are quite toxic especially to young children.

We do not recommend any collars as they can cause injury or even death from strangulation. If you have to put a collar on your cat please only use the “quick release” type.

Plastic collars

Titi – chosen!

Titi has now been chosen ❤️

Titi arrived this week with her kitten Joey. She is pregnant so unfortunately she was less than patient with a 12 week old lively kitten and we had to separate them. Titi's kittens are due very soon so we will update you when they are born. Joey is available for adoption but not Titi as yet.

UPDATE 27/8 – Titi gave birth to seven kittens this morning. They are a little on the small side but she is a wonderful mum and if necessary we will supplement their feed to help her out. They are not available for viewing or adoption yet and when older we will take some photos of them. We now have 15 kittens who will be available in 6-9 weeks time when they are weaned and vaccinated.