Please – if you have an elderly cat – keep them safe.

We have had a numbers of elderly cats brought into the shelter in recent months as they appeared to be a stray or lost, when actually they had a home not far away.

If you have an elderly cat, please do not let them outside unsupervised as they can wander off and get confused and lost. They are also extremely vulnerable. 

Let them have a potter in the garden if you are out there with them, but then take them back inside with you.

You want your cat to be happy and enjoy however much longer they have to live, without worrying about what has happened to them when he or she doesn’t come home for tea.


Bridget is a pretty 2-3 year old brindle tortoiseshell who has lived at Katz Castle for alot of her life. She originally arrived as a stray when she was about 10 months old, and as she did not get adopted became one of the permanent residents at the shelter. However she is now being picked on by a couple of the other resident cats so her life isn’t as happy as it was. As a result we are having another attempt at finding her a home especially as she is such a young cat. 

Bridget is quite a small cat – so is often referred to as ‘Bridget the Midget’ although she put on weight whilst she was inside over the winter. Bridget is a typical tortie who knows her own mind, although she has mellowed since living at Katz Castle. She is a very friendly and affectionate girl – but on her terms. She likes to come up to you for a fuss but after a couple of strokes she’s had enough. Bridget is not the type of cat who wants to be picked up and cuddled, but in the right home she will be very happy.

Bridget needs to be an only cat and she would not be suitable to live with children. She also would not like to live with a dog. 

Bridget - 1 Bridget - 2

Enjoying the sun

Here is William  – one of the permanent residents at Katz Castle (and one of the ginger feline gang!) making the most of the recent warm sunshine. William arrived as a kitten from Ireland years ago with his siblings who didn’t get adopted as they were so nervous, but he has lived very happily at the shelter ever since. William is getting on a bit now and is into double figures. His health isn’t what it was and he also needs drops in his eyes every day – but William is a friendly happy boy who is very loved by everyone at Katz Castle.