Catnip mice

Another batch of our very popular knitted catnip mice has arrived! They are very sturdy, and stuffed full of cat nip from Barbados. No cat should be without one! They can be purchased in person at the shelter, or by post at a cost of £4.50 each which includes p&p. Cheques made payable to ‘Animal Shelter’ please and don’t forget to enclose your name and address. 

Visit our shop

We have a small shop at the shelter selling cat accessories – beds, scratching posts, toys, blankets, carrying baskets  and cat nip mice.  The shop can be visited during shelter opening hours. All proceeds from the shop will help towards the cost of neutering the many cats who arrive at the shelter.  Donations of cat accessories to sell in the shop are always appreciated – so if your cat doesn’t like that bed or toy you bought -  please donate it and hopefully another cat will!

Collars on cats

We are always very uneasy about collars on cats  – for safety reasons. We have seen some really terrible injuries suffered by cats getting a leg stuck in a cat collar which didn’t come off. 

We strongly advise that all cats should be micro-chipped for easy identification should they get lost.  Even if you have an indoor cat – it’s still a good idea, just in case they get out.    
Sorry – we’ve sold out of ‘Beastie Bands’ at the shelter and we will not be getting any more.  

We also do not recommend flea collars. ‘Spot on’ treatments purchased at the vet and applied to the back of a cat’s neck are much more effective in dealing with fleas and alot safer.