Quick Update from Katz Castle

With apologies for the delay since the last update, here is a consolidated list of all currently-available cats. Please contact us if you think you might be able to provide any of them with a loving forever-home. Thank you!

Susie is a white and black girl about 10 months old.


Twin sisters Bella, a dark tortoiseshell, and Heidi, all black, are aged about one year and would like to be rehomed together.


Emma is a gorgeous tabby girl, a bit shy and frightened until she knows you. She is about 11 years old.


Robert is a black boy aged around two years.


Milo and Pickles are two six-month-old black and white brothers who must stay together.

[Pics to follow]

Boushie is a white and black girl five years old.


Olly is a handsome British Cream boy aged four.

[Pics to follow]

Jingles is a 7 1/2 year old tabby boy.

[Pics to follow]

Wish List & Thank You

We have updated our Amazon Wish List, should you wish to donate to the shelter and help keep the cats happy!

Many thanks to our generous and devoted followers for their continued support.

Thank You! ❤️

Everyone at Katz Castle would like to thank Marie Sharp, J.L. Abrahams, Adam Frost, Sandra Ince, Sonya, and Madeira, for all the food donations they have sent, as well as Helen Randall for donating her winter heating allowance to the shelter.

Also many, many thanks to all those who have left food, toys, scratching posts and blankets whose names we don’t know. We are so grateful to you all!

— All at Katz Castle


With love from Jasmine too, who does the website ☺️


Dash & Patch, Oscar, Nancy, Pedro, Rosie, and Emma

A quick update with SIX new cats (and three kittens)!

Dash & Patch

Dash and Patch are ginger & white and black & white neutered males going together.




Oscar is a black male, three years old, and can’t be somewhere where there are young children.

(Awaiting photos)


Nancy and her three kittens were rescued from a garden in the cold weather with no cover. They are all black & white, and are ready now.

(Awaiting photos)


Pedro was taken from his mother too early and has not long stopped suckling from a bottle. He is black & white, and ready now:



Rosie was sadly hit by a car and had a broken hip but she is now fine. She is just over one year old, and ginger & white:



Emma—Cat of the Month!—is still with us and still a bit timid but slowly coming round to gentle strokes and grooming. She is just over 10 years.

(Awaiting photos)

Get in contact

If you think you might be interested in any of these cats, please make sure you read about responsible cat ownership, and then get in touch! Many thanks.

Storm 💙 — chosen

We are happy to report that Storm has been happily rehomed.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that Annabella & Heidi had been homed as well, this was due to a communication issue between cat handlers and website handlers – apologies!

Thank you very much for all the interest in Storm, we had so many emails about him! Sorry to everyone who was disappointed, or we weren’t able to get back to.


Humphrey 💙

Humphrey is a very fluffy ginger and white boy who has been at the shelter since summer 2017. At first he was very timid but he has come out of himself a lot recently and is now much more confident and very friendly.

Unfortunately, he is not an easy boy to take on. Aside from needing regular and thorough grooming to prevent his coat from matting, he has a very delicate stomach due to some food intolerances, and needs a very specific diet if he is to remain healthy. We’ve been fine-tuning his food for months and know exactly what he needs; the new owner will have to maintain the diet most likely for the rest of Humphrey’s life. It will also be important for them to stay in close contact with us should he develop problems again.

For these reasons, Humphrey is not suitable for homing with anyone unable to give him the time and dedication he will require. The new owner must also have no other pets whose food he could snaffle.

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Toby 💙

New arrival Toby is a gorgeous black and white boy, about 2.5 – 3 years old, with a very distinctive white patch with black stripe down his nose. He is very friendly and loves a warm lap, but he has a trigger whereby if he is over-petted he will let you know about it with a hiss and a swipe. This is mostly mouth and no trousers but even so he is not a cat for a first-time owner, as it will require some experience to assess his changing moods quickly and react appropriately.

He does NOT like other cats! And will not do well in a home with children.

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